Friday, June 3, 2011

HYIPS Investment Formula

You can invest 40 USD in 20 hyips and withdrew the money daily! You can invest 10 USD for 3 years if any hyips stays here for long time . Use 10 USD compounding SO you can go with the lottery of big gains

Sunday, September 6, 2009

HASANUR"s FREE Investments strategies for HYIPS

# You need to open Liberty reserve, perfect money, alert pay account using different log in information with different e-mail address in each case

For Beginner investors (you cannot loose your own money)

1) Do not invest your own money in hyips programs .please do online some free stuff like online survey, blogging , Ptc, Affiliate marketing ,reading e-mails, article writing, etc . To earn some think to invest you can post good post in forums which will earn you some money. Invest 50% of your money in top3 hyips . Keep your 50% money in your pocket for individual use. you can get more information in my other popular blog#
2) There are some hyips which may give you free-sign up bonus .try those. but use a new LR account IN THOSE CASES to prevent yourself from scam. Sign up with those programs with new LR account where there is ZERO BALANCE. You can use other e-mail in those cases also .take you money back from those hyips in 30 days and invest in more reputable hyips.


( you can loose money your own money)IF you are successful in the beginner investors formula then go the next level . in this case you will invest in top3 reputable hyips- maximum investment 1000 USD ,moderate hyips – maximum investment 500 USD, lower ranked hyips—maximum investment 100USD

4) Withdrew your earning daily until you are in profit.

5) If you have compounding in top3 hyips do compounding for 100 USD For 1 year. It will increases your profit largely but you need to be in profit to do that * YOU can do compounding if you get sign up money or survey money for 1 or 2 years because it is not your original money( some hyips offer sign up bonus ,survey bonus etc)

6) For scam protection use only 1 or 2 processor for 1 hyip account. Do not give details of all your payment processors in 1 hyips.

7) Do not deposit with the same processor with all hyips. Example# HYIP1- DEPOSIT MONEY BY ALERT PAY,HYIP2- DEPOSIT MONEY BY LR.HYIP-3 DEPOSIT MONEY BY PERFECT PAY.( it is done to protect you from hackers)

YOUR payments processors regularly. Do not keep large amount in your one payment processors


10) SPLITTING YOUR INVESTMENT IN DIFFERENT HYIPS. It is a very important point .Do not put all your money in one hyips because If it turns scam you will loose all your money. Good luck for your investments friends.

11) Every body should Deposit their hard core money upto 10% so that they get extra returns without works. Hopefully it helps. Thanks